STINT Strategic Grants for Internationalisation

Agenda and presentations from the seminar

Agenda public session (on-line)

13:00 Welcome, Andreas Göthenberg, Executive Director, STINT
13:10 Longer-term university establishments abroad: Challenges and opportunities, Christine Ennew, Provost, University of Warwick, UK
13:30 Strategic Grants projects:
  ·       Comprehensive internationalization through digitalization, innovation and global-regional coproduction, Damir Isovic, Dean of School of Innovation, Design and Engineering, Mälardalen University
  ·       Global Challenges University Alliance 2030, Ylva Hillbur & Elisabeth Rajala, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
14:10 Strategic internationalization in a changing context, John Hudzik, Michigan State University, USA
14:30 Panel discussion: Making convincing Strategic Grants applications, Christine Ennew & John Hudzik
14:55 Summary and conclusions, Andreas Göthenberg
15:00 End


On-line meeting with invited Strategic Grants projects 15:15 – 17:00 (max)

Participants: Christine Ennew, John Hudzik, representatives of six Strategic Grants projects, Andreas Göthenberg, Hans Pohl.
Instructions to speakers: Please prepare a short presentation of the project, maximum 15 minutes, outlining the essentials, thus providing a foundation for a constructive discussion relating to the next steps in the project.


15:15 Introduction, Hans Pohl, STINT
15:20 Internationalisation of the Curriculum (IoC) – A Framework for Action, Jennifer Valcke, Karolinska Institutet (SG2017-6956)
15:40 Towards inclusive internationalization: international understanding and intercultural competence of students and faculty, Nerrolyn Ramstrand, Jönköping University (SG2020-8596
16:00 Sweden-East Africa University Network – knowledge development for sustainable development (SWEAFUN), Magdalena Eriksson & Saga Cambon, Chalmers University of Technology (SG2021-8934)
16:20 SASUF 2030, Gustaf Cars, Uppsala University (SG2021-8932)

Discussion relating to challenges and opportunities encountered in the six presented Strategic Grants projects:

·       Critical success factors for strategic internationalisation?

·       Opportunities for mutual learning?

·       And more…

Moderator: Andreas Göthenberg

17:00 End