STINT’s initiative in China

With staff members and increased presence in China, STINT’s initiative involves improving Swedish trend analysis of higher education and research in China and further promoting academic partnerships with the country.

The aim is to enhance Swedish higher education institutions’ strategies, activities and networks in China.

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STINT internationalise Swedish higher education and research.

Teaching Sabbatical 2020

Teaching staff at Swedish HEIs can spend the autumn 2020 at one of our partner universities in Asia or the USA, giving own courses or co-teaching with a fellow host. By giving teachers who are passionate about teaching international experience STINT wants to contribute to developing higher education in Sweden.

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STINT internationalise Swedish higher education and research.

INTERVIEW (In Swedish)

What was it like working as a teacher in Hong Kong, Louise Berglund?

In 2012, Louise Berglund, who is currently a senior lecturer at Uppsala University, was a Teaching Sabbatical fellow at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. This was a challenging and instructive time that increased her self-confidence and led to valuable insights in how teaching is conducted in other countries.

A national knowledge resource on internationalisation

STINT enhances Swedish higher education institutions’ international competitiveness by being a national knowledge resource on internationalisation. This role has become more important in an ever more globalised world, with tougher competition as well as more opportunities.

We offer knowledge and skills development in the area of internationalisation through trend analysis presented at seminars and workshops as well as in reports. During the past year, our trend analysis initiative has expanded to include new staff members and an office in China, as well as networks with relevant research groups, research funders and think tanks in the area of internationalisation, both in Sweden and abroad.

STINT invests in academic cooperation with all countries outside EU/EFTA