New report on academic collaboration between Sweden and Pakistan

Research collaboration between Sweden and Pakistan is increasing. We also receive many students from Pakistan and there is more interest in Sweden as a study destination. The Pakistani university system is developing rapidly and education enjoys high status in the...

STINT establishes a presence in North America

We are extending our activities abroad by establishing a presence in North America as a complement to the office opened in China in 2018. In order to further promote academic partnerships with a continent that is in many ways at the research front, and to increase...

STINT’s input on the government’s research policy

Ahead of the upcoming Research Bill, STINT was invited to provide feedback to the government on its research policy. STINT’s input includes suggestions on how the Swedish knowledge system can enhance Sweden’s international competitiveness and attractiveness in...

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STINT turns 25

STINT turns 25

STINT, The Knowledge Foundation, The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research,...