Asset management

In 1994, STINT was given an endowment of SEK 1.057 billion. Since its inception and up to December 2017, STINT has awarded SEK 1.795,6 billion in scholarships and grants, including reimbursements of travel costs. A total of SEK 1.943,4 billion has been paid out, including administration and asset management costs, of which SEK 58.9 million during 2017. At the end of the 2017 financial year, STINT’s assets had a market value of around SEK 761.5 million.

STINT’s asset management is handled on behalf of the Board by an Asset Management Committee, comprising a government-appointed member with expertise in executive finance, a general member, and three external experts. STINT’s asset management is governed by the investment rules set in the investment policy adopted by the Board.

STINT’s endowment must be managed satisfactorily, with limited exposure to risk, and must ensure the possibility of a good rate of return. This is expected to be achieved through professional management of the financial risks as part of the ongoing running of STINT, mainly through diversification within and across asset classes, markets and issuers. The administrative direction has to consider STINT’s plans regarding its remaining lifespan and commitments.

STINT’s Asset Management Committee comprises:

Chair, vacant

Dr Peter Holmstedt, former Executive Director, RISE

Dr Gunnar Dahlfors, Director, Finansinspektionen

Mr Mats Guldbrand, Chairman, Lundbergs

Mr Jan Lindman, Treasurer of the Court, Royal Court

Business proposals and presentations to the Asset Management Committee may be sent to: