A knowledge resource and funder for internationalisation

The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education, STINT, was set up by the Swedish Government in 1994 with the mission to internationalise Swedish higher education and research.

STINT promotes knowledge and competence development within internationalisation and invests in internationalisation projects proposed by researchers, educators and leaderships at Swedish universities.

STINT promotes internationalisation as an instrument to:

  • Enhance the quality of research and higher education
  • Increase the competitiveness of universities
  • Strengthen the attractiveness of Swedish universities

STINT’s mission is to encourage renewal within internationalisation through new collaboration forms and new partners. For example, STINT invests in young researchers’ and teachers’ international collaborations. Moreover, STINT’s ambition is to be a pioneer in establishing strategic cooperation with emerging countries in research and higher education.


“We provide support and tools for strategic internationalisation to Swedish universities”

Internationalisation has gone from being an added extra in research and higher education to a complex necessity. Andreas Göthenberg, STINT’s Executive Director, sees both opportunities and challenges for Swedish higher education institutions.

“Internationalisation is at least as important now as it was when STINT was founded in 1994, but it has developed from being regarded as an added value into a strategic tool that needs to permeate university operations.”

Andreas Göthenberg has been STINT’s Executive Director since 2009 and here he shares his thoughts on how Sweden can keep abreast of developments.

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Phone: +46 8 671 19 90
Email: info@stint.se
Postal Address: STINT, P.O. Box 3523, S-103 69 Stockholm, Sweden

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Registration number: 802400-3512

Visiting Address in Sweden: 
Drottninggatan 98
111 60 Stockholm, Sweden, Capital of Sweden, in the Nordic countrie

Visiting Address in China:
Consulate General of Sweden, 1521-1541 Shanghai Central Plaza 381
Huaihai Road (Middle), Shanghai 200020, China


STINTs vd Andreas Gothenberg

Dr. Andreas Göthenberg
Executive Director

+46 8 671 19 91

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Hans Pohl Programchef på STINT

Dr. Hans Pohl
Programme Director

+46 8 671 19 95

Anette Weski
Finance Director

+46 8 671 19 93

Ida Clavenstam Kommunikationsansvarig på STINT

Ida Clavenstam
Communications Manager

+46 8 20 59 10

Erik Forsberg Representant i Kina för STINT

Dr. Erik Forsberg
Representative in China
Associate Professor

+86 186 588 930 06

Tommy Shih Kina ansvarig på STINT

Dr. Tommy Shih
China Policy Advisor
Programme Manager
Associate Professor

+46 8 20 28 40

– Joint China-Sweden Mobility

Mattias Löwhagen Senior programansvarig på STINT

Mattias Löwhagen
Senior Programme Manager
IT Manager

+46 8 671 19 96

– Grants for Double Degree Programmes
– Institutional Grants
– Joint Japan-Sweden Research Collaboration
– Korea-Sweden Research Cooperation
– Mobility Grants for Internationalisation

Karin Forslund Programansvarig på STINT

Karin Forslund
Programme Manager

+46 8 671 19 97

– Chile-Sweden Research Cooperation
– Grants for Teaching Sabbaticals
– Joint Brazilian-Swedish Research Collaboration
– South Africa-Sweden Bilateral Scientific Research Cooperation
– Teaching Sabbatical

Agneta Granlund Assistent Programansvarig på STINT

Agneta Granlund
Programme Manager

+46 8 671 19 92

– Capstone Awards
– Initiation Grants
– JSPS Fellowship Program
– JSPS Summer Program
– Strategic Grants

Elisabet Persson Vikarierande ekonomiassistent på STINT

Elisabet Persson
Finance Assistant

+46 8 671 19 94

Helena Kjelldin
Finance Assistant
(leave of absence)