STINT’s Advisory Board presented its second report, entitled Rationale for International Cooperation in an Increasingly Polarised World, at a STINT Forum held in Stockholm on 19 March 2024.

Proceeding from its earlier report, Foresight 2030 – Academic Internationalisation in the next decade, the Advisory Board’s new report emphasises the importance of promoting international academic partnerships in a world becoming increasingly polarised, complex, and uncertain in the wake of geopolitical trends. These trends, which to some extent constitute a break with globalisation as we know it, create the need for a renewed discussion of the fundamental value of international academic collaborations.

If research is increasingly regarded as a security issue, global research partnerships may be undermined and the rapid developments seen in recent decades may be impeded. This happens at a time when international academic cooperation is more than ever needed to meet the global challenges faced by the world.

The launch was attended by the Swedish Minister for Education, the President of Karolinska Institutet, the Vice-Chancellor of Lund University, and the President of Stockholm University.

STINT’s Advisory Board comprises
– Dr Agneta Bladh, former Chair, Swedish Research Council
– Prof. Bertil Andersson, former President, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
– Prof. Jason E. Lane, President and Chief Executive Officer, National Association of System Heads (NASH), USA