The aim of the new programme, Grants for Educational Collaboration Programmes, is to develop partnerships between Swedish higher education institutions and those abroad to internationalise and revitalise Swedish higher education. The programme focuses on jointly developed and mutually credit-awarding courses, which are based on balanced collaboration and include student mobility.

Grants for Educational Collaboration Programmes replaces our earlier programme, Grants for Double Degree Programmes. The new programme allows for a greater range of collaboration types, including double degree programmes.

This change results from an evaluation (in Swedish) STINT conducted during 2020, which showed that Grants for Double Degree Programmes had worked well and fostered long-term relations between partners, but also had a formal qualification requirement that excluded some potential applicants. STINT’s hope is that the new Grants for Educational Collaboration Programmes will expand the pool of applicants and offer opportunities for more collaboration types that maintain excellence and a high degree of internationalisation.

The application deadline for Grants for Educational Collaboration Programmes has been extended to 15:00 on 15 March 2021.

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