STINT and the Swedish Research Council invest SEK 17.7 million in research cooperation with foreign universities


STINT and the Swedish Research Council invests SEK 17.7 million in research cooperation between Swedish and foreign universities within the Mobility Grants for Internationalisation programme. Foreign research groups will fund their participation on a corresponding level.

The Swedish Research Council contributes with SEK 5 712 500 for China, SEK 600 000 for USA and SEK 300 000 for Japan.

After expert review, assessment and decision meeting, the following projects were selected:


Name Department Uni. Name Uni. Country Project title
Raied Karoumi Civil and Architectural Engineering KTH Jiangpeng Shu Zhejiang University China AI-based data driven structural health monitoring and evaluation of existing bridges
Tore Brinck Chemistry KTH Jiacheng Wang SICCAS China Reconstruction of mixed-metal hydroxides for paired electro-synthesis
Joseph Samec Organic Chemistry SU Duangamol Tungasmita Chulalongkorn University Thailand Biobased and environmentally sustainable binders for paint
Magnus Jonsson Civil and Architectural Engineering LIU Qiye Wen University of Electronic Science and Technology of China China Broadband terahertz absorber and tunable devices based on conducting polymers
Anna Herland Protein Science KTH Yaohui Tang Shanghai Jiao Tong China Development of myelinated and vascularized human brain organoid and its application for studying the effects of M2 microglia derived exosomes on oligodendrogenesis and angiogenesis
Qi Dai Molecular Biosciences SU Dali Li East China Normal University China Light-inducible and gene-specific RNA base editing in Drosophila
Sebastian Stichel Engineering Mechanics KTH Lele Zhang Beijing Jiaotong University China Study on a hybrid CFRP-metal bogie frame structure and its influence on the vehicle’s dynamic performance
Qiong Zhang Physical Geography SU Haijun Yang Fudan University China Comparison studies on the multi-centennial variability of Atlantic thermohaline circulation using two coupled climate models
Marene Landström Medical Biosciences UMU Guangxiang Zang China Medical University China Study the cross-talk of TGFbeta and NPY signaling pathway in regulation of tumor invasion and metastasis
Tobias Uller Biology LU Weiguo Du Chinese Academy of Sciences China Climate change vulnerability of lizards in climate change hot-spots
Leilei Xu Energy Sciences LU Hu Wang Tianjin University China Study of ammonia internal combustion engines towards stable and efficient near-zero emission combustion
Peter Persson Construction Sciences LU Jin-Gyun Kim Kyung Hee University South Korea Data driven modeling of structures using machine learning
Per Ljungdahl Molecular Biosciences SU Changbin Chen Chinese Academy of  Sciences China Role of amino acid acquisition and catabolism as drivers of virulent Candida auris infections
Miia Kivipelto Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society KI Yongxiang Wang Shandong First Medical University China Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on mental health and chronic health conditions management in older adults within the world-wide FINGERS network
Oscar Quevedo-Teurel Electrical Engineering KTH Francisco Pizarro Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso Chile Metasurfaces for radioastronomy
Björn Högberg Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics KI Qin He Sichuan University China Intracellularly bispecific DNA origami activates autophagic degradation of RAS protein for pancreatic cancer therapy
Laura Baranello Cell and Molecular Biology KI Katsuhiko Shiraige University of Tokyo Japan Targeting transcriptional dis-organization: how topoisomerase and cohesin cooperate to control enhancer function
Rikard Landberg Biology and Biological Engineering CTH Frank B. Hu Harvard University USA The trans-Atlantic precision health catalyst
Stephen Marr Global Political Studies MAU Bridget Bwalya University of Zambia Zambia Climate impacts on street politics and everyday mobility: Perspectives from Lusaka and Malmö
Rui Miao Protein Science KTH Adrien Burlacot Carnegie Institution for Science USA Unraveling the critical mechanisms for improving photosynthetic capacity using high throughput screening on large scale libraries of cyanobacteria
Anne Bjorkman Biological and Environmental Sciences GU Hui Guo Nanjing Agricultural University China Nitrogen enrichment and warming effects on plant functional diversity and the mechanisms of functional change
Francesco Ciabuschi Business Studies UU Maoliang Bu Nanjing University China The sustainable development and corporate social responsibility of Chinese multinationals’ European subsidiaries
Bo Albinsson Chemistry and Chemical Engineering CTH Jung-Yong Lee KAIST South Korea Research on the bilayer-structured organic solar cells utilizing spontaneous spreading process on water
Henrik Ström Mechanics and Maritime Sciences CTH Qingang Xiong South China University of Technology China Development of a seamless DNS-DPM integrated framework to accurately and efficiently model reactive particulate flows
Julia Mougin Marine Sciences GU Sophie Leterme Flinders University Australia Swedish/Australian research and education collaboration to enhance training in sustainability and resilience in the aquaculture and seafood sector
Mattias Hallquist Chemistry and Molecular Biology GU Jianfei Peng Nanking University China Molecular characterisation of vehicular organic gaseous species and their secondary organic aerosols
Xuan Wang Medical Cell Biology UU Xing Li Chinese Academy of Sciences China Live-cell RNA imaging in insulin-producing beta-cells to reveal the pathogenic mechanisms of diabetes
Biplab Sanyal Physics and Astronomy UU Chang-Jong Kang Chungnam National University South Korea Advanced computational studies of novel magnetic materials
Wei-Li Hong Geological Sciences SU Kim Ji-Hoon Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources South Korea Impact of silicate weathering on the carbon cycles in the Arctic Ocean
Arkady Yartsev Chemistry LU Zhang Fengying Southwest Petroleum University China Ultrafast photophysics regulated by redox cocatalysts on CdS for photocatalytic H2 evolution from H2S
Iben Lundagaard Experimental Medical Science LU Jiang Rongcai Tianjin Medical University China Prompting regeneration after acute traumatic brain injury by regulating the drainage of cervical lymph nodes
Ludvig Lizana Physics UMU Hye Jin Park Inha University South Korea Disentangling the effects of three drivers of microbial community dynamics: ecology, environment, and evolution
Greta Lindwall Materials Science and Engineering KTH Hongze Wang Shanghai Jiao Tong University China Powder bed fusion additive manufacturing of copper alloys – materials design, topology optimization, intelligent printing and multi-scale characterization
Liangchao Zou Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Engineering (SEED) KTH Ji Wang Tsinghua University China Comparative study on fluid flow and solute transport behaviors of fractured rock mass between Swedish and Chinese high-level radioactive waste repositories