The results from a pilot study on a Swedish cooperation hub for research, innovation and higher education on the African continent are presented. STINT was tasked with conducting this pilot study by the Africa working group of IntSam, the Swedish national coordinating function for the funding of international research and innovation collaborations outside the EU.

Africa is both the world’s fastest growing and demographically youngest continent. Dynamic long-term development may therefore be expected. Technological development has increasingly given access to areas of science and technology previously reserved for high-income countries, such as space research. In some areas African countries contribute to global development through leapfrogging, i.e. skipping earlier technological stages. Cloud services and microfinancing are interesting examples.

Several initiatives have been undertaken to make African universities more strategic and increase their focus on research, and their effects are for example reflected in the recent gains made by African universities in global rankings. This development will probably attract more talent, research collaborations, and investments, while also strengthening competitiveness, democratisation, and knowledge-based economies.

Swedish research collaborations with African countries have traditionally focused on capacity building and were closely connected to development aid, but there are good reasons to develop a new approach focused on research collaborations that prioritise equal partnerships and mutual benefit. This pilot study was conducted against this backdrop and is intended to form the basis of a detailed follow-up study and the possible establishment of the proposed cooperation hub. Dr Erik Forsberg, who conducted the study, will present its findings and recommendations. Dr Katarina Bjelke, Director General, Swedish Research Council, and Ms Emma Bäcke, Vinnova, will comment the study.


14.30 Registration and coffee
15.00 Introduction, Andreas Göthenberg, Executive Director, STINT

A Swedish cooperation hub for research, innovation and higher education on the African continent, Dr Erik Forsberg, STINT

Expert commentary, Ms Emma Bäcke, Vinnova, representing the Africa working group of IntSam

Expert commentary, Dr Katarina Bjelke, Director General, Swedish Research Council

Discussion and questions from the audience

16.20 Mingle  


Date: Wednesday 6 September 2023, 15:00 – c. 16:20.
(Coffee from 14:30)

Place: World Trade Center Restaurang, Kungsbron 1, Stockholm

The seminar will be held in Swedish

Registration: Please register by 4 September 2023 via this link

Erik Forsberg
Representative in Asia, STINT

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