Although international research is an increasingly complex and disputed activity, it is also more necessary than ever. At this meeting, STINT’s efforts to promote responsible internationalisation are presented, as well as the reasons why more responsible practices are needed to give collaborations better chances of success.

An increasingly complex world affects the conditions of research. It has therefore become more important that higher education institutions and researchers pay heed to the circumstances in different countries as well as to developments in the wider world. Responsible internationalisation requires greater awareness of political, ethical, security, and cultural aspects.

Giving an adequate account of the challenges and opportunities presented by internationalisation also strengthens funding applications and contributes to greater reflexivity that may enable researchers to better navigate the environments in which they work.

The information meeting will be held in English.


  • Dr Andreas Göthenberg, Executive Director, STINT
  • Dr Tommy Shih, Senior Adviser, STINT
  • Mr Mattias Löwhagen, Senior Program Manager, STINT
  • Prof. Hans Adolfsson, Vice Chair, STINT
  • Dr Britta Fängström, Senior Adviser, Formas



Date: Tuesday, 23 May 2023, 10:00­–11:15.
Plats: Online via Microsoft Teams.
Registration: Please register by 19 May 2023 via link.

Online via Microsoft Teams:·
The Teams link will be distributed to the email addresses provided at registration on the day of the seminar.

For more information, please contact
Tommy Shih
Senior Adviser, Responsible Internationalisation, STINT