The internationally agreed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) form a good basis for international academic collaboration. This report is based on a study of research publications related to the SDGs, conducted by STINT. The results show that Sweden is more active than the global average in all 16 SGDs investigated. Swedish participation in the form of publications is the greatest in SDG 13: Climate Action, where more than 3% of all global publications have a Swedish author or co-author. The report compares SDG-related research in Sweden to that of the world as whole. Further, international collaborations are studied within each SDG and the results of research-intensive Swedish higher education institutions are accounted for.

The report draws on the work done by Elsevier and partners in identifying research publications related to each SDG.

The report, entitled “Sweden’s research targeting the Sustainable Development Goals”, is available in English. It will be launched at a webinar on 24 September and can be downloaded here, to the right.

For further information, please contact

Hans Pohl
Programme Director at STINT and author of the report
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