STINT’s Board of Directors has decided to invest 4,970,000 SEK in the following three projects within the programme Strategic Grants for Internationalisation 2020:

1. “Towards Inclusive Internationalization: International understanding and intercultural competence of students and faculty” with Jönköping University as the main applicant was granted 1,050,000 SEK.

2. “Global Challenges University Alliance 2030” with s as the main applicant, and Dalarna University and Örebro University as co-applicants, were granted 2,400,000 SEK.

3. “Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) and Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) trans-African Internationalization Project: Building knowledge through networks” with Stockholm School of Economics as main applicant, and Jönköping University as co-applicant, were granted 1,520,000 SEK.

In total, nine applications were assessed.

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