There are clear indications that the Canadian research and innovation system is being reinforced, with increased investments in both basic and applied research. Diversification is an express goal, and Canada seeks new international research partnerships.

The aim of this report is to stimulate interest in international collaboration based on the strengths and challenges identified and addressed by Canadian research funders. Several of the prioritised research areas correspond to Swedish strengths.

The focus is on increasing the knowledge of potential future partners on the Canadian system. Important federal actors are introduced, as are some of the most influential actors in four large provinces. The Canadian research and innovation system and latest trends are also presented. 

The report will be launched at a webinar on 24 June at 16:00.

For more information, please contact

Niklas Z Kviselius
STINT’s representative in North America and author of the report
+1 415 800 3376


Public Research and Innovation Funding Actors in Canada