During the spring of 2020, STINT will be assessing its Grants for Double Degree Programmes. The assessment is aimed at those who applied and/or received support for developing double degree programmes as part of the Programme, as well as those in senior management roles responsible for higher education at Swedish higher education institutions.

“The first projects have now come through the initial phase supported by STINT, so this is a good opportunity for investigating how the Programme has worked thus far,” says Mattias Löwhagen, Senior Programme Manager at STINT. “Double degrees offer an excellent way of internationalising Swedish higher education and are valued by students as well as employers. But there are challenges connected to starting double degree programmes in Sweden, and we want to take into account experiences that will help us to develop the Programme so that we can provide better support to higher education institutions,” Mattias continues.

The assessment of Grants for Double Degree Programmes includes questionnaires and interviews. Results will be published on STINT’s website in the autumn. Thus far, STINT has granted SEK 11 million to 16 projects as part of the Programme.

This year’s call for Grants for Double Degree Programmes is now open, and the application deadline is on 6 March at 15:00.

More information about Grants for Double Degree Programmes