The Swedish Research Council (VR) is contributing SEK 5 million to STINT’s Joint China-Sweden Mobility programme for the period 2020–2023. This means that a total of SEK 15 million is granted to 30 projects. In total, 135 projects have been funded since 2015. STINT’s Chinese partner, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), finances the Chinese participants at an equivalent level.

After expert review, assessment and a joint decision meeting with NSFC, the following projects were selected:

Name Department University Name University Project title
Mohamed Abdellah Kemicentrum Lund Fei Huang University of Science and Technology Beijing Multiple exciton generation and harvesting in environmental friendly infrared quantum dots for photovoltaic application
Jan Rusz Physics and astronomy Uppsala Xiaoyan Zhong Tsinghua University Atomic resolution electron magnetic circular dichroism by aberration-corrected transmission electron microscopy
Mats Wilhelmsson Real estate and construction management KTH Zan Yang Tsinghua University The fairness and efficiency of the rental housing market: Toward sustainable urban development
Anna Schnürer Molecular sciences SLU Ye Zihong China Jiliang University Exploring and utilizing interactions between the new C-metabolic rice and methanogens/blast fungi/brown planthopper
Verena Siewers Biology and biological engineering Chalmers Shuobo Shi Beijing University of Chemical Technology Model-based design of oleaginous yeast strains for production of biofuels and chemicals
Mats Rönnelid Technology and business studies Dalarna Degang Duan Xi′an University of Architecture & Technology Research and development of prefabricated wooden building and exploration of its application in countryside
Karin Hedström Business Örebro Weiyuan Hsu Tongji University Understanding employees information security compliance
Jin-Ping Li Medical biochemistry and microbiology Uppsala Yujie Zhou Capital Medical University Collaborative studies on TTR-amyloidosis cardiomyopathy – Early diagnosis and treatment
Kaibo Zheng Kemicentrum Lund Ziqi Liang Fudan University China-Sweden cooperative research and exchange of n-type polymer thermoelectric materials
Zheng Duan Physical geography and ecosystem science Lund Chang-Qing Ke Nanjing University Monitoring dynamics of glacier-fed lakes on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau using multisource satellite data
Yun Chen Biology and biological engineering Chalmers Juan Guo Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences Microbial synthesis of medicinal natural products
Ocean Cheung Engineering sciences Uppsala Lianyan Wang Chinese Academy of Sciences VLP vaccine delivery system based on carbonate micro-particles and its immunotherapy
Wenxin Zhang Physical geography and ecosystem science Lund Huaiwei Sun Huazhong University of Science and Technology Modelling evapotranspiration of cropland ecosystems and responses of water use efficiency to water conservationc scenarios
Mathias Uhlen Science for Life Laboratory KTH Tao Xu Chinese Academy of Sciences Integrative study of multi-omics data in type 2 diabetes drug clinical test
Xiaoyan Ji Engineering sciences and mathematics Luleå Xiaohua Lu Nanjing Tech University Theortical methodology development on interfacial mass transfer at mesoscale towards ionic liquid immobilization for CO2 separation
Örjan Smedby Biomedical engineering and health systems KTH Xiaojun Chen Shanghai Jiao Tong University Head-neck surgical navigation based on ultrasound imaging and mixed reality using deep learning
Dan Larhammar Neuroscience Uppsala Juan Li Chinese Academy of Sciences Highly selective Y1 receptor ligand-based NIR II probe for fluorescence imaging of glioma
Alberto Vomiero Engineering sciences and mathematics Luleå Jiang Wu University of Electronic Science and Technology of China “Green” quantum dots for luminescent solar concentrators
Chengxuan Qiu Neurobiology, care sciences and society KI Yifeng Du Shandong University Reducing the global burden of dementia via strengthening translational research across sociocultural settings
Ivan Scheblykin Kemicentrum Lund Liantuan Xiao Shanxi University Photophysical dynamics of perovskite nanostructures studied by single molecule spectroscopy inspired methods
Ming Xiao Communication theory KTH Xiaohu Tang Southwest Jiaotong University Efficient and secure distributed machine learning with gradient descend
Staffan Norrga Electrical energy engineering KTH Xiaoqian Li Tsinghua University Protection and fault handling in HVDC transmission applications
Christian Giske Laboratory medicine KI Xiaoting Hua Zhejiang University The usage of bacteriophages in Acinetobacter baumannii treatment
Jonas Weissenrieder Applied physics KTH Weixin Huang University of Science and Technology of China Cu-based catalysts for CO2 reduction
Ahmed Hemani Electronics and embedded systems KTH Zhuo Zou Fudan University EFFAIC: Efficient design methodology for brain like computing and AI chips
Xiangrui Kong Chemistry Gothenburg Zhijun Wu Peking University Understanding the hygroscopicity and ice nucleation activity of secondary organic aerosol on a molecular level
Vladimir Cvetkovic Sustainable development, environmental science and engineering KTH Bo Li Shaoxing University Propagation mechanism of high-precision grouting in fractures for sustainable service of infrastructures
Tinghai Ou Earth sciences Gothenburg Huayu Lu Nanjing University Climate change and its impacts on hydrology and water resources in the Yangtze and Mekong River basins
Fredrik Wallin Business administration, technology and social sciences Mälardalen Chengshan Wang Tianjin University Sino-Sweden joint research of distributed multi-energy systems for efficient integration of large shares of renewable energies
Tie-Qiang Li Clinical science, intervention and technology KI Mingfeng Jiang Zhejiang Sci-Tech University Accelerating high resolution MR image reconstruciton and its application for the glymphatic system in the human brain

Med anledning av spridningen av coronaviruset Covid-19 vill STINT påminna alla projektansvariga om att hålla sig uppdaterade kring UD:s reserekommendationer.

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