Research collaboration between Sweden and Pakistan is increasing. We also receive many students from Pakistan and there is more interest in Sweden as a study destination. The Pakistani university system is developing rapidly and education enjoys high status in the country.

In line with STINT’s ambition of fostering new academic partnerships in countries showing rapid academic development, Pakistan was selected for closer investigation. The study included visits to universities and public agencies in Pakistan, dialogues with experts and the compilation of literature and other data, such as publications.

The report shows that research collaboration has quickly become more extensive, starting from a low level in 2005. In addition to the fact that Pakistan’s research output is growing rapidly, this increased collaboration can in part be explained through the students and doctoral students who have completed their degrees wholly or partially in Sweden.

Opportunities for establishing balanced research collaborations are deemed good, but at present it appears difficult to establish balanced student exchanges.

The report Academic collaboration between Sweden and Pakistan is available here.


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