STINT’s operations strengthened by four new staff members during the last six months. With their different profiles, our new staff members contribute to further consolidating STINT as a knowledge node and funder in the area of the internationalisation of higher education and research. In April, Dr Tommy Shih and Dr Erik Forsberg started working on the launch of STINT’s China initiative and establishment in China. Ms Karin Forslund was appointed to the vacant programme manager position and Ms Elisabet Persson was appointed as temporary financial assistant.


Fv. Erik Forsberg och Tommy Shih. Photo: Camilla Svensk.

Erik and Tommy work on STINT’s China initiative

STINT has launched a China initiative to further promote academic partnerships with China and increase understanding of the Chinese knowledge system.

Tommy Shih, associate professor at Lund University, has been appointed China policy advisor, while Erik Forsberg, associate professor at Zhejiang University, has been appointed as STINT’s representative in China.

Read more about Erik Forsberg, Tommy Shih, and their work STINT.

Karin Forslund Programansvarig på STINT

Karin Forslund 
Photo: Camilla Svensk

Karin is a new programme manager for some of STINT’s programmes

Ms Karin Forslund is the new programme manager for the Teaching Sabbatical, the Joint Brazilian-Swedish Research Collaboration, the South Africa-Sweden Bilateral Scientific Research Cooperation and the new Chile-Sweden Research Cooperation programme. Before Karin joined us, she had worked as international Coordinator at Karolinska Institutet since 2010.

Tell us more about your background
– I have a one-year master’s in human geography from the European programme at Södertörn University and I’ve been an exchange student at the University of Salford in Manchester, UK.

Have you worked with internationalisation before?

 – Yes, I have worked with teacher and student mobility and in multinational research projects in different disciplines. For the last eight and a half years, I was an international officer at Karolinska Institutet and before that I worked as international coordinator at the then DOCH, School of Dance and Circus, as well as at Södertörn University.

– I’ve also worked and lived abroad for shorter periods via Erasmus Staff Exchanges in Paris, Barcelona, Hué (Vietnam) and Kabwe (Zambia), which has further contributed to my interest in global development issues.

What will you do at STINT?

– As programme manager at STINT, my work will include the bilateral programmes we have with our partners in Brazil, Chile and South Africa. I will also be responsible for the Teaching Sabbatical. It is great and interesting to continue to promote internationalisation in higher education and research, but from a new perspective.

Elisabet Persson Vikarierande ekonomiassistent på STINT

Elisabet Persson
Photo: Camilla Svensk.

Elisabet is our temporary financial assistant

Ms Elisabet Persson stands in for the regular financial assistant. Elisabet’s previous job was at the Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences (RJ), where she had similar duties.r.

Tell us more about your background

– I trained as an accounted at Påhlmans handelsinstitut and have worked with finances in different sectors for about 15 years.

What will you do at STINT?

– While I’m standing in, I’ll for instance work with suppliers’ ledgers, accounting and monthly reconciliations. I am responsible for paying invoices, stipends and funding to researchers, as well as other payments.
I work with financial director Ms Anette Weski and I’m also involved in the annual financial statement.