This newsletter is the first in STINT’s initiative to boost communication and outreach about internationalising higher education and research. A newsletter has long been in demand, so I’m hoping we can present items that inspire internationalisation and contribute to new international networks and higher quality in research and higher education.

I recently wrote an op-ed inUniversitetsläraren  (in Swedish) about the Swedish government inquiry into internationalisation. It’s good that the government examines the limitations to internationalisation in the Swedish knowledge system, but it’s also important for higher education institutions to have access to international policy intelligence in order to take bold strategic initiatives.

Sweden must address its knowledge system from a broader international perspective, particularly given the changing global landscape, where new rules of play evolve on a level, global playing field.

If Sweden is to stay ahead in research and higher education in the future, it’s essential to attract new talents and nurture those we already have. It’s regrettable that outdated regulations and processes are preventing these talents from growing.

In our latest report (in Swedish), STINT’s Programme Director, Dr. Hans Pohl, analyses the growth and quality of academic publications, plus economic development, and investment in R&D. The study shows that most of the fastest growing countries have relatively limited research cooperation with Sweden. It’s paramount that Sweden’s international academic networks should include dynamic countries and that academic cooperation should be cultivated with tomorrow’s leading nations.

Therefore, last week, STINT’s Board of Directors decided to launch regionally-orientated calls to encourage academic partnerships of strategic importance for tomorrow’s knowledge system.

This newsletter will also bring news of our spring seminars, the launch of country reports, granted projects and current calls. We’re also seeking a new team member for the exciting post of Programme Manager, covering some of our international programmes.