STINT has decided to invest 12,9 MSEK in 25 research projects within the Joint China-Sweden Mobility programme for the time period 2018–2021. STINT´s Chinese cooperation partner, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), will finance the Chinese participants at an equivalent level.

Joint China-Sweden Mobility


After review and assessment by our respective expert groups, the selected projects are as follows:
Applicant Main partner
Name Institution University Name University
Karin Schillén Division of Physical Chemistry LU Yilin Wang Chinese Academy of Sciences
Mats Fahlman Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM) LiU Qinye Bao East China Normal University
Nailin Li Department of Medicine KI Wangjun Liao Southern Medical University
Val Zwiller Department of Applied Physics KTH Joel Moser Soochow University
Magnus Larson Division of Water Resources Engineering LU Fangfang Zhu University of Nottingham Ningbo
Ilya Sychugov Department of Applied Physics KTH Jun-Wei Luo University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Patrick van Hees Division of Fire Safety Engineering LU Hu Longhua University of Science and Technology of China
Pher Andersson Department of Organic Chemistry SU Zhang-Jie Shi Fudan University
Konstantinos Ampatzis Department of Neuroscience KI Jianren Song Tongji University
Vladsilav Orekhov Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology GU Xiabo Qu Xiamen University
Thomas Kalscheuer Department of Earth Sciences, Geophysics UU Zhengyong Ren Central South University
Martin Weih Department of Crop Production Ecology; Plant Ecology Unit SLU Hainshui Yang Nanjing Agricultural University
Hans Ågren Department of Theoretical Chemistry and Biology KTH Yongshu Xie Easy China University of Science and Technology
Kajsa Uvdal Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM) LiU Wei Huang Nanjing Tech University
Jens Nielsen Division of Systems and Synthetic Biology CTH Tianwei Tan Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Jinshan Pan School of Chemical Science and Engineering (CHE) KTH Guoxin Xie Tsinghua University
Magnus Mattsson Centre for Built Environment HiG Yuguo Li Sun Yat-Sen University
Qi Zhou Division of Biocomposites KTH Lina Zhang Wuhan University
Jiantong Li School of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) KTH Xiaodong Zhuang Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Rajeev Ahuja Department of Physics and Astronomy, Materials Theory UU Ho-Kwang Mao HPSTAR
Peter Hedström Department of Materials Science and Engineering KTH Hao Yu University of Science and Technology
Wei Huang Department of Economics; Agri-Food Policy and Trade SLU Zhang Qian Chinese Academy of Sciences
Totte Niittylä Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology SLU Wu Ai-Min South China Agricultural University
Marianne Schultzberg Division of Neurodegeneration KI Xiuzhe Wang Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Hatef Madani School of Industrial Engineering and Management KTH Ruzhu Wang Shanghai Jiao Tong University