STINT and the Swedish Research Council invests SEK 16.3 million in research cooperation between Swedish and foreign universities within the Mobility Grants for Internationalisation programme. Foreign research groups will fund their participation on a corresponding level.

The Swedish Research Council contributes with SEK 5 987 500 for China and SEK 600 000 for Japan.

After expert review, assessment and decision meeting, the following projects were selected:

Name Department Uni. Name University Country Project title
Qianwen Xu Electrical Engineering KTH Ying Chen Tsinghua University China Resilience-oriented modeling and optimization of sustainable power systems for climate neutral society
Alizée Malnoë Umeå Plant Science Centre UMU Mei Li Chinese Academy of Sciences China Determining the structures and mechanisms of photoprotective process qH in plants
Dan Zhao Science and Technology (ITN) LIU Nan Zhu Dalian University of Technology China Ionic thermoelectric powered wearable electrochemical biosensors
Martin Rottenberg Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology KI Jian Ping Xie Southwest University China Biological roles of the cytokine and intracellular protein modifier ISG15 in Tuberculosis
Jonas Warringer Chemistry and Molecular Biology GU Jing Li Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center China Understanding stress-induced genome instability by mutation accumulation
Margaret McNamee Building and Environmental Technology LU Fei Tang University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) China Study of fire toxicity, flame characteristics and smoke control of new energy vehicles in a longitudinal ventilation tunnel
Mats Hellström Clinical Sciences GU Min Jong Song The Catholic University of Korea South Korea The establishment of a Korean Microsurgery Academy, and a joint program to develop stem cell based biomaterials for novel female infertility treatments
Stefan Schwartz Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology UU Chengjun Wu Dalian University of Technology China Antiviral drugs and biomarkers for papillomavirus associated cancer
Boyang Guo Fibre and Polymer Technology KTH Hiromitsu Sogawa Kansai University Japan Closed-loop polyurethane-based materials
Per-Olof Syrén Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health KTH Ikeda Atsushi Hiroshima University Japan  MobI:BIO – Mobility for improved biopharmaceuticals by protein engineering and nanocarrier design
Haoyong Zhou Jönköping International Business School HJ Zhanchi Wu Jinan University China Controlling owner’s risk and family firms: Insights from social trust
Anna Runemark Biology LU Erica Larson University of Denver USA The role of gene expression in ecological adaptation following a host plant shift: a collaboration
Yuanyuan Li Fibre and Polymer Technology KTH Yang Hou Zhejiang University China Control synthesis of highly efficient oxygen electrocatalysts with monodispersed bimetallic atoms pair anchored and its electrochemical performance of on-chip flexible Zinc-Air battery
Feng Gao Physics, Chemistry and Biolog LIU Guohua Xie Wuhan University China Synergistic Effects of Triplet Harvesting and Multi-Dimensional Passivation in Blue Perovskite LEDs
Ruoli Wang Mechanics KTH Lei Li Northwestern Polytechnical University China A hybrid method to combining NMS modeling and machine learning on upper limb motion prediction in post-stroke survivors
Renee Kroon Laboratory of Organic Electronics LIU Qinye Bao East China Normal University China Metal Halide Perovskite Solar Cells for Sustainable Energy Systems
Ergang Wang Chemistry and Chemical Engineering CTH Fujun Zhang Beijing Jiaotong University China Material Designing for Photomultiplication Type Organic Photodetectors and Performance Optimization
Cheng Zhang Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health KTH Dong Yongqiang Zhengzhou University China The role of PKLR-ceramide metabolic network regulation in the progression of hepatic ischemia-reperfusion injury
Victor Kimberg Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health KTH Ji-Cai Liu North China Electric Power University China Time-resolved  X-ray pump-probe spectroscopy for nuclear dynamics studies
Marene Landström Medical Biosciences UMU Guangxiang Zang China Medical University China Study the cross-talk of TGFbeta  and NPY signaling pathways in regulation of tumor invasion
Francesca Aguilo Payeras Molecular Biology UMU Miguel Esteban Chinese Academy of Sciences China Characterization of the m6A RNA methylation pathway in neurodegeneration and cancer
Aliaksei  Laureshyn Technology and Society LU Lai Zheng Harbin Institute of Technology China Exploring universal methods for traffic conflict techniques based on typical traffic scenarios in Sweden and China
Mahmoud Abdel-Hafiez Kemicentrum LU Yu Shan Southwest Petroleum University China Ultrafast charge carrier dynamics in doped InP/ZnS core/shell quantum dots for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution from H2S
Henning Schaak Economics SLU Xinli Ke Huazhong Agricultural University China Towards Sustainable Peri-Urban Agriculture: Strategy to Improve the Ecological Performance of Agricultural Land Use on the Periphery of Metropolitan City
Mate Erdelyi Chemistry – BMC UU Weiliang Zhu Chinese Academy of Sciences China Hit-to-Lead Optimization Guided by NMR and Computation with Applications in Asthma and Antimicrobial Resistance
Changfu Zou Electrical Engineering CTH Lin Hu Changsha University of Science and Technology China Electric vehicle energy optimization for improved sustainability
Jens Nielsen Biology and Biological Engineering CTH Zihe Liu Beijing University of Chemical Technology China Synthetic and systems biology for natural products discovery
Mats Björkman Earth Sciences GU Ji Young Jung Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) South Korea Evaluation of soil carbon storage and variability by different ecosystem structures under Arctic warming
Stefan Stenfelt Biomedical and Clinical Sciences LIU Namkeun Kim Incheon National University South Korea Development of a BAHA for improved hearing based on specifics of force application
Jan Rosenkranz Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering LTU Hyunjung Kim Jeonbuk National University South Korea Froth flotation separation towards a green future using bio-collectors
Tommy Nylander Physical Chemistry LU Joshua Jackman Sungkyunkwan University South Korea Development of Spongy Lipid Nanoparticles for Targeting Membrane-Enveloped Viruses and Bacteria
Martin Bech Medical Radiation Physics LU Atsushi Momose Tohoku University Japan Visualization of vulnerable plaques by complementary use of X-ray phase imaging and X-ray energy-dispersive imaging

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