STINT invests SEK 8.4 million in research cooperation between Swedish and foreign universities within the Mobility Grants for Internationalisation programme. Foreign research groups will fund their participation on a corresponding level.

After expert review, assessment and decision meeting, the following projects were selected:

Name Department Univ. Name University Country / Region Project title
Simone Schwank CLINTEC KI Liping Zhu Tongji University China The impact of COVID-19 on global mental health
Joseph Siegel English SU Masako Kumazawa J.F. Oberlin University Japan English medium instruction in academic lectures
Haining Tan Chemistry UU Chung Dae Sung Pohang University of Sci. & Tech. South Korea Emulsion polymerization of donor-acceptor copolymer for high efficiency photocatalyst
Mathias Wallin Construction Sciences LU Gil Ho Yoon Hanyang University South Korea Structural engineering optimization for buckling induced soft robotics
Evgeny Osipov Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering LTU Daswin De Silva La Trobe University Australia LTU2: Brain-like computing for faster AI
Yvonne Nygård Biology and Biological Engineering CTH Jung Rae Kim Pusan National University South Korea Bio-electrosynthetic CO2 valorization for value-added chemical production
Lili Jiang Computing Science UMU Sharma Chakravarthy The University of Texas at Arlington USA Analysis and prediction via multilayer graph-based learning and inferences with a focus on pandemics
Maliheh Mehrshad Aquatic Sciences and Assessment SLU Jang-Cheon Choe Inha University South Korea Cultural mutuality: Elucidating the adaptation strategies of freshwater microbes to eutrophication by combining high throughput cultivation and omics analyses
Sofia Backåberg Health and Caring Sciences LNU Lorraine Venturato University of Calgary Canada Using an interactive technology platform to improve learning and confidence, with a focus on mobility in physical activities of daily living amongst older adults
Frank Lipnizki Chemical Engineering LU Takeo Yamaguchi Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan Novel anti-fouling membranes for lignocellulosic biorefineries
Carsten Mim Biomedical Engineering and Health Systems KTH Jihoo Yoo Chung-Ang University South Korea Sweden (KTH) – Korea (CAU) collaborative structural biology program for structural analysis of membrane proteins
Alyssa Joyce Marine Sciences GU Sergio Sanudo-Wilhelm University of Southern California USA International networks and training opportunities in sustainable seafood production
Eva Billstedt Neuroscience and Physiology GU Amy Slogrove Stellenbosch University South Africa ESSENCE in South Africa: Towards a feasible neurodevelopmental screen for young children
Johan Ankarklev Molecular Biosciences SU Nilmar Moretti Federal University of Sao Paulo Brazil Single-cell transcriptomics and genome editing to study vector competence related the vector-borne diseases: Leishmania and malaria
Mélaine Despeisse Industrial and Materials Science CTH Yusuke Kishita University of Tokyo Japan Engineering education and gamification for sustainable development
Teresa Olsen Ekerhult Clinical Sciences GU Anthony Atala Wake Forest University USA 3D bioprinting a urethra used in an animal model
Emma Björk Physics, Chemistry and Biology LIU Ayae Sugawara-Narutaki Nagoya University Japan Nanoporous membranes for cleaning of wastewater from nuclear power plants
Thomas Breslin Clinical Sciences LU Michael Lerch University of Wollongong Australia FLASH vs MRT: Novel radiotherapy head to head
Nicholas Wiltsher Philosophy UU James Shelley Auburn University USA Aesthetics across the Atlantic
Lars Österlund Materials Science and Engineering UU Pung Keun Song Pusan National University South Korea Nano-templated chromic materials