On 18 February 2020 STINT will arrange a panel session at the Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) annual conference in Washington, DC. The theme of the panel is “Rethinking internationalization of research in an increasingly complex world – Developing a framework for strategic internationalization”. 

Presentations will be given by Dr Tommy Shih, China Policy Advisor, STINT, Prof. Sylvia Schwaag Serger, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Lund University, and Prof. Jason Lane, Interim Dean, University at Albany, SUNY. Dr Andreas Göthenberg, Executive Director, STINT, opens the session.

The 2020 AIEA Annual Conference “Rethinking Comprehensive Internationalization for a Global Generation” will take place in Washington DC, USA, 16-19 February 2020. The conference theme is:

Internationalization is no longer an option in our already globally interconnected society. It is an imperative for Higher Education Institutions which are educating young people to become global citizens and which are hosting students and faculty from around the world. Internationalization is by definition comprehensive and should cover all dimensions of the mission of higher education institutions. However, the 21st century brings new challenges and we are already witnessing the backlash of globalization. The Academy is more than ever pressed to prove its transformational role and its impacts on society. Students, faculty, leadership and staff are eager to make the world a better place, starting with their own communities. New technologies and approaches are available and being implemented in society and in our educational institutions. In this context, we have a golden opportunity to rethink and redefine Comprehensive Internationalization and the leaders’ roles in meeting the expectations of the global generation.

For more information and registration please visit the AIEA website.



Date: Tuesday 18 February 2020

Location: Washington Marriott Wardman Park, Washington DC, USA

Registration: Register via AIEA’s website