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Teaching Sabbatical

Please note the deadline for application has passed.
The next call will be published during spring 2019.
Below you’ll find information from the last call.

STINT’s Teaching Sabbatical programme aims to develop both individuals and institutions. By giving Swedish researchers and university lecturers, who are passionate about education, international experiences relevant to their teaching role rather than their research one, STINT wants to contribute to educational renewal and the creation of new networks. Great emphasis is put on the added value of the stay abroad, which is why STINT encourages candidates to search for new international experiences. 

Participating lecturers will reside at the foreign institution of higher education for the autumn semester (August to December). The intention is for them to teach, either by giving a course themselves or in partnership with a colleague at the host institution. STINT is collaborating with selected universities and colleges based in the US, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan. They represent a diversity of institutions committed to high quality education in their respective regions around the world.

By participating in the planning and implementation of teaching, the Swedish lecturers’ task is to gain an understanding of learning and teaching policies and how these institutions implement and develop learning and teaching processes, as well as address educational quality standards. How is teaching conducted? What is their approach to “good” education? How is the relationship between research and teaching managed? How are staff and students recruited? What career opportunities are there? How do they work with the “third mission”?

The participating lecturers’ experiences will then assist the development of Swedish faculties and universities. There is great emphasis on involving the university leadership and how the universities will use returning lecturers’ experiences in various ways towards positive dissemination impacts. Continuing relationships between Swedish and foreign institutions after the scholarships are welcomed.

Application and selection

Swedish universities are invited to nominate up to three candidates each, review of the third candidate will be subject to availability. Up to 60 nominations will be handled nationally each year, this to ensure STINT’s partner universities are given sufficient time in their evaluation process. The reserve candidates will be ranked according to the nominating university’s size in terms of teaching and research staff. Shortly after deadline STINT will notify which reserve candidates are to be included in this year’s round. The ambition of STINT is to annually award at least ten scholarships. Any Swedish universities wishing to participate in this year’s call must submit their nomination(-s) electronically via STINT's application system no later than 15:00 CET on September 19th, 2018.

A nomination comprises the following elements:

  • A description of the nominee’s background and reasons for participating, including examples of courses which can be held.
  • A description of the faculty/university, reasons for nomination and plans for utilising the nominee’s involvement.
  • The nominee’s CV.

All documents must be in English.

Lecturers themselves cannot apply directly to STINT for these scholarships. However, it is assumed that universities will provide general information about the opportunity to be nominated. To aid the drafting of nominations, a form can be used to gather information from the nominee and those within university management who make nominations. Please note, this form should not be submitted; only nominations through the application system will be accepted.

Applications which meet the formal requirements will be presented for review by selected partner institutions. Interviews will then be conducted with those candidates whose participation in the programme is deemed the most institutionally and individually profitable. These interviews are normally conducted in November with the aim of appointing STINT Fellows before the end of December.


Nominees must hold a doctorate degree, be employed by and well established at a Swedish university.

Fellows will be responsible for planning and all practical arrangements (insurance, accommodation, visa, etc) in consultation with the foreign university or college. During the spring, all Fellows will undertake a planning trip to discuss teaching efforts, meet prospective colleagues and arrange accommodation etc.

Fellows will participate in a seminar in Stockholm prior to their planning trip (February 6th, 2019), a mid-term seminar (October/November) in the country/region where they will be staying and a follow-up seminar in Stockholm after returning home (February 2020). Reports should be written as instructed by STINT. Fellows must take a full leave of absence during their stay abroad.

The scholarship amount will be determined by STINT and is calculated according to the specific partner institution, the number of accompanying family members and the Fellow’s salary. The scholarship is paid to the lecturer personally and is tax-free. Scholarships are calculated in February of the year of outward travel and are intended to cover the following costs:

  • Travel for the Fellow and any accompanying family members
  • Accommodation for five months, as well as hotel and subsistence allowances for the planning trip
  • Equivalent net pay for 4.5 months (including an assumed salary increment of 3%)
  • Compensation for additional costs abroad as well as compensation for any loss of income by their companions as per the URA government contract
  • Compensation for loss of pension contributions
  • Miscellaneous – trips to seminars, visas etc.

Insurance for the receiver of the scholarship including family will be signed and paid by the Swedish university through Kammarkollegiet. The Swedish university will report in September 2020 how the participation in the Teaching Sabbatical programme has influenced the activities at the institution.

The total amount will depend on the exchange rate, the current maximum sum under URA and other factors which may change. The applicable amounts calculated at the time of writing appear in Table 1. Please note that the actual amounts will differ from those given in Table 1.

Table 1: Applicable amounts for calculation of scholarship

  USA A USA B USA C NUS NTU Hong Kong Tokyo
Base amount 120 000 151 000 189 000 149 000 116 000 184 000 126 000
Supplement accompanying adult 86 000 86 000 92 000 109 000 108 000 101 000 94 000
Supplement per accomp. child 31 000 32 000 38 000 41 000 40 000 43 000 37 000
Net salary compensation 4.5 months*              
*Net salary (incl. some pension compensation and 3% salary increment) may be estimated as: Net salary * 4.93. USA A = OSU and Williams, USA B = Amherst and UT Austin, USA C = UC Berkeley and UCLA.

Scholarship Amount = Basic amount + Supplement accompanying adult + (supplement per accompanying child) * number of children + Net salary replacement. Fellows are responsible for ensuring that their travel, accommodation and so on will fit within the given amount.

Partner institutions for Teaching Sabbatical

Those who are awarded scholarships will spend the autumn semester at one of the following institutions of higher education:

Amherst College
Arizona State University
Nanyang Technological University *
National University of Singapore *
The Chinese University of Hong Kong *
The Ohio State University
The University of Texas at Austin
University of California Berkeley
University of California Los Angeles
University of Tokyo *
Williams College

* Not suitable for families with school-age children due to limited availability of suitable school places.

The portfolio of partner institutions may be subject to change.

Questions will be answered by Programme Manager, Karin Forslund:
E-mail: karin(#dot#)forslund(#at#)stint(#dot#)se
Telephone: +46 8 671 19 97

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