Since the spring of 2018, STINT has an office in China. The aim of the initiative is to enhance Swedish Higher Education Institutions’ strategies, activities and networks in China.

Our operations in China are based on three integrated parts:

  • Strategic relationship building

    STINT focuses on building long-term, meaningful partnerships with higher education institutions, public agencies, think tanks and research funders in both Sweden and China. We develop networks that can promote more strategic internationalisation efforts in the long term.

  • Trend monitoring and information gathering

  • We cooperate closely with higher education institutions and public agencies in Sweden and China to understand their needs, the challenges they face and the opportunities available in the area of internationalisation.

  • Trend monitoring and analysis

    In addition to information gathering, trend monitoring also requires interpretation. Our trend analysis activities are headed by active researchers in the areas of research policy and innovation studies and are based on collaboration with a network of experts in the area of research and innovation policy.