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STINT Institutional Grants for Younger Researchers

Publicerad 2007-05-11

STINT has introduced a new programme – STINT Institutional Grants for Younger Researchers – in order to expand the opportunities for especially promising young researchers to collaborate with prominent foreign research groups. The aim is that during the period of the project the groups of researchers should develop this collaboration into a lasting international network.

The new programme is aimed at young researchers who early on in their career – not more than seven years after taking their PhD – wish to build up international cooperation with other young researchers. The intention with this programme is to help to create more attractive Swedish research environments.

The basis of projects under this programme will be exchange visits, that is, longer or shorter stays at the partner institutions. Projects must be institutionally based and include persons on different levels, for example, PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and university teachers.

The main applicant for funding under the programme must be a researcher who is currently active at a Swedish university or other institution of higher education. Both the Swedish project leader and the foreign partner must have taken their PhD not more than seven years before the closing date for applications.

Applications can be for collaboration with researchers in any country and any area of research.

Grants can be made for up to three years. Applications should cover the whole of the project period.

Time schedule

  • June 2007 - System opens for applications
  • 15 October 2007 - Deadline for applications
  • Early 2008 - Decisions by the STINT Board
  • 1 April 2008 - Projects granted support may start

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