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A presentation of the Foundation

R 18:01 Academic collaboration: Sweden – China
R 17:01 Sweden’s international research collaborations – how should they develop? (Swedish)
R 16:01 Researcher Mobility in Swedish Higher Education Institutions
R 14:03 Collaboration quadrants - mapping the effects of international collaboration
R 14:02 Higher Education and Research Outlook - global trends and new opportunities (Swedish)
R 14:01 Support for Internationalisation - what's offered to Swedish universities? (Swedish)

R_12:01 Strategic Internationalisation in Sweden 2012
R 11:02 The Swedish Konwledge System - an Opening for Future Exports (Swedish)
R 11:01 Prerequisities for Strategic Internationalisation - an Analysis from a Management and Board Perspective (Swedish)

Country Reports
CR 2018:01 Academic collaboration: Sweden - Japan

CR 2017:02 Country Report - Brazil
CR 2017:03 Country Report - Japan
CR 2017:01 Country Report - South Africa

Evaluation of STINT’s programme Strategic Grants for Internationalisation
STINT Impact Analysis 1994-2015
Evaluation of STINT Institutional Grants and the joint research collaboration programmes with Brazil, Korea and Japan - 2016  
Evaluation of Excellence in Teaching and Teaching Sabbatical - 2016

Evaluation of Initiation Grants 2011-2015
Evaluation of Strategic Grants 2011-2014
Evaluation of STINT Scholarship for Academic Excellence 2014
Evaluation of STINT 2013 (Swedish)
Institutional Grants Programme Evaluation Report 2009
Evaluation of Excellence in Teaching - 2007
Evaluation of the PhD Scholarship Programme 2006 (Swedish)
Evaluation of the STINT Institutional Grants Programme 2004
Evaluation of STINT 1994-2001 (Swedish)

Annual reports
Annual report 2016 (Swedish)
Annual report 2015 (Swedish)
Annual report 2014 (Swedish)
Annual report 2013 (Swedish)
Annual report 2012 (Swedish)

Annual report 2011 (Swedish)
Annual report 2010 (Swedish)
Annual report 2009 (Swedish)

Annual report 2008 (Swedish)
Annual report 2007 (Swedish)
Annual report 2006 (Swedish)
Annual report 2005 (Swedish)
Annual report 2004 (Swedish)
Annual report 2003 (Swedish)
Annual report 2002 (Swedish)
Annual report 2001 (Swedish)
Annual report 2000 (Swedish)
Annual report 1999 (Swedish)

STINT scholarships and grants awarded in 2013
STINT scholarships and grants awarded in 2012
STINT scholarships and grants awarded in 2011
STINT scholarships and grants awarded in 2010
STINT scholarships and grants awarded in 2009
STINT scholarships and grants awarded in 2008
STINT scholarships and grants awarded in 2007

Policy document
STINT Privacy Policy


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Welcome to Strategic Grants for Internationalisation Seminar

The seminar March 7th facilitates the sharing of experiences when it comes to strategic international-isation. All people involved in such internationalization are welcome. 

STINT & RJ launch: Sweden-Japan 150 Anniversary Grants

To celebrate the 150-year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Sweden and Japan, the Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT) and the Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences (RJ) launch a special call for applications.

STINT invests 10 MSEK in four strategic internationalisation projects

STINT’s board has decided to invest 10 000 000 SEK in four projects within the Strategic Grants for Internationalisation programme for the time period 2017–2020.

Sweden has three international universities in the top category

STINT Internationalisation Index indicates how international the universities in Sweden are. This year three universities are in the top category of internationalisation. Last year´s prize winner Stockholm School of Economics is now accompanied by Chalmers and KTH.