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Grants for Integration and Internationalisation

Several initiatives by actors on different levels have already been taken to facilitate the establishment and integration of newly arrived refugees. Within the higher education institutions, activities such as language education, supplementary training and internships, have been and are carried out. However, as the needs are large and acute, further measures are necessary.
STINT’s programme is taking its basis in the fact that academics with a refugee background can contribute to the internationalisation at Swedish higher education institutions as well as to the development of higher education and research in Sweden. This in combination with the creativity and involvement of Swedish higher education institutions in issues relating to newly arrived, form the starting point for the call.
Applications should be submitted by the vice-chancellor of a Swedish university no later than March 28th 2017. Completed applications should be submitted using STINT’s application system. Funds applied for in a project may not exceed SEK 1 million. The application should clearly state how the project will be co-funded by the university/universities (and any other partners) in a sum at least as great as that being applied for.
For more information see the complete call text.
Current Calls

Current calls open for application.

STINT invests 10 MSEK in four strategic internationalisation projects

STINT’s board has decided to invest 10 000 000 SEK in four projects within the Strategic Grants for Internationalisation programme for the time period 2017–2020.

Sweden has three international universities in the top category

STINT Internationalisation Index indicates how international the universities in Sweden are. This year three universities are in the top category of internationalisation. Last year´s prize winner Stockholm School of Economics is now accompanied by Chalmers and KTH.

Open position, China Manager

China Manager – a new expert role with programme responsibility
An exciting opportunity to work with Sino-Swedish relations in higher education and research.