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Scholarships and grants

STINT offers a wide variety of grant and scholarship programmes to support internationalisation at Swedish educational establishments.

Our programmes aim to pick up on various current needs, from initiating international projects through multi-year international partnerships at faculty level, to strategic internationalisation at university level. There is also a programme on offer which aims to internationalise higher education. STINT collaborates with foreign financiers on some programmes. Moreover, our programmes aim to cover most categories of researchers, including university and college lecturers of all disciplines.

Capstone Awards

Chile – Sweden Research Cooperation

Grants for Double Degree Programmes 

Initiation Grants

Joint Brazilian-Swedish Research Collaboration

Joint China-Sweden Mobility

Joint Japan-Sweden Research Collaboration

Korea-Sweden Research Cooperation

Mobility Grants for Internationalisation

South Africa-Sweden Bilateral Scientific Research Cooperation

Postdoctoral Transition Grants for Internationalisation

Strategic Grants for Internationalisation

Sweden-Japan 150 Anniversary Grants

Teaching Sabbatical

External Programs

Call for applications
Grants for Double Degree Programmes

Grants for Teaching Sabbaticals

Strategic Grants for Internationalisation

JSPS Summer Program