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Awarded grants within Institutional Grants for Younger Researchers

Published 2010-04-14

The following grants have been awarded:

Laura Álvarez López, Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, Stockholm University, 1 200 000 kr, for collaboration with Magdalena Coll, Universidad de la Repúbica, Uruguay, and Tania Alkmim, Universidade de Estadual de Campinas, Brazil, within the project ”Afro-Latin Linguistics: Language Contact in Intercultural Settings”

Fredrik Andersson, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Lund University, 1 200 000 kr, for collaboration with Anton Duchov, Novisibirsk State University, Russia and Gregory Beylkin, University of Colorado, USA, within the project ”Wave Packet Representations for Seismic Imaging”

Mate Erdelyi, Department of Chemistry, University of Gothenburg, 1 200 000 kr, for collaboration with Filip Van Petegem, University of Britsh Columbia, Canada, within the project ”Development of Paramagnetic Reporter Tools for an Improved Understanding of Malignant Hyperthermia”

Mattias Jacobsson, Department of Evolution, Genomics and Systematics, Uppsala University, 1 200 000 kr, for collaboration with Michael Blum, University of Grenoble, France, within the project ”Statistics for Exploring the Genomic Landscape: Implications for Human Evolution and Origins”

Marjam Ott, Department of Physical and Analytical Chemistry, Uppsala University, 1 200 000 kr, for collaboration with Liping Tang, University of Texas, USA and Andreas Heilmann, Fraunhofer Institut, Germany, within the project ”Pro-inflammatory Characteristics of Nano-Porous Alumina”

Ralph Hendrik Scheicher
, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala University, 1 200 000 kr, for collaboration with Alexandre Reily Rocha, Universidade Federal do ABC, Brazil and Yuhui He, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, within the project ”Functionalization Approach in Sequencing Technology Design of Nanopores Aimed at Rapid and Economical Analysis of DNA: fastDNAread"

Lisa Westerberg, Department of Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, 1 200 000 kr, for collaboration with Siobhan Burns, University College London, UK and Scott Snapper, Harvard Medical School, USA, within the project ”Unraveling the Role of WASP Activety for Development of Primary Immunodeficiency in Mouse and Man”

Welcome to Strategic Grants for Internationalisation Seminar

The seminar March 7th facilitates the sharing of experiences when it comes to strategic international-isation. All people involved in such internationalization are welcome. 

STINT & RJ launch: Sweden-Japan 150 Anniversary Grants

To celebrate the 150-year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Sweden and Japan, the Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT) and the Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences (RJ) launch a special call for applications.

STINT invests 10 MSEK in four strategic internationalisation projects

STINT’s board has decided to invest 10 000 000 SEK in four projects within the Strategic Grants for Internationalisation programme for the time period 2017–2020.

Sweden has three international universities in the top category

STINT Internationalisation Index indicates how international the universities in Sweden are. This year three universities are in the top category of internationalisation. Last year´s prize winner Stockholm School of Economics is now accompanied by Chalmers and KTH.