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STINT visits President E. Gordon Gee

Published 2010-11-23

A delegation from STINT led by its Executive Director, Dr. Andreas Gothenberg, met President E. Gordon Gee of the Ohio State University on October 26. According to Time Magazine, Gordon Gee is one of the best College Presidents in the US. He is striving for a revolution of higher education, where classrooms and labs are the engines of growth that mines and factories used to be 100 years ago. To achieve this, change is needed. For instance, departments have to be better at collaborating and curriculums need to be modernized. They have to be transformed to serve the new education needs that the knowledge economy requires. President Gee has brought the Ohio State University into a very dynamic phase thanks to a modern and competitive strategy that challenges the Ivy League universities. The university is also establishing physical presence in China and India. Other international Gateways will soon follow. President Gee manages a $ 4.35 billion dollar budget. The Ohio State University has almost 60 000 students and 40 000 staff.

STINT:s Executive Director signed an Agreement of Collaboration regarding the foundation's Excellence in Teaching Program with the Ohio State University. It enables Swedish faculty to stay at the Ohio State University and engage in teaching for a full fall semester. Ohio State will contribute to the program by offering many new opportunities and excellence in teaching connected to world class research. The collaboration covers all academic disciplines with a focus on the humanities and social sciences.

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Welcome to Strategic Grants for Internationalisation Seminar

The seminar March 7th facilitates the sharing of experiences when it comes to strategic international-isation. All people involved in such internationalization are welcome. 

STINT & RJ launch: Sweden-Japan 150 Anniversary Grants

To celebrate the 150-year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Sweden and Japan, the Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT) and the Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences (RJ) launch a special call for applications.

STINT invests 10 MSEK in four strategic internationalisation projects

STINT’s board has decided to invest 10 000 000 SEK in four projects within the Strategic Grants for Internationalisation programme for the time period 2017–2020.

Sweden has three international universities in the top category

STINT Internationalisation Index indicates how international the universities in Sweden are. This year three universities are in the top category of internationalisation. Last year´s prize winner Stockholm School of Economics is now accompanied by Chalmers and KTH.